Honey Show 2024

Honey Show 2024

On Sunday  28th January Three Rivers Beekeeping Association held their annual honey show and there was most certainly a buzz about Castlefinn. 

With 203 show entries and over 300 visitors from as far as Co. Meath it was the place to bee!

There was a great array of different honeys on display, which surprised many and created plenty of discussion. Visitors were able to satisfy their curiosity by buying local honey from some of our TRBKA members at the extremely popular sales table.

The cake, confectonery, photography and artistry classes proved particularly popular with the non-beekeepers, as did the childrens poster competition promoted by Honey show Manager, Paul Stewart. Paul worked with the primary school on both sides of the border promoting the importance of pollinators, resulting in an unprecedented 80 posters. Posters were judged by local Art Teachers and the top 10 officially entered the show on the day. excited winners were presented with special prizes for their school.

Judges commented on the high quality of entries across all classes saying it was obvious much work had gone into the exhibits. they acknowledged the exhibits would do well on any show bench across the country.

This years show benefitied from the support of local crafers and varies displays of bee themed wares. As one would expect the mead stall proved exceptionally popular with samples going down a treat.

There was something for everyone with those new to beekeeping hearing a very informative talk by Frank Chaney. Experienced beekeepers joined an 'Ask the Experts Panel' chaired by John Hill.

A special thanks to all who sponsored the raffle prizes and congratulations to the winner of the hive. 

It was agreed the show had been a great success and paved way for the Association in its 10th Anniversary Year. Chair, Alan Beattie, extended his congratulations to all involved in the honey show and commented on their hard work 

           Honey Show Results 2024

Class 1  - 6 Jars of honey, any type or colour, matching as offered for sale.

Class 2 - 6 Jars of honey, any type or colour, matching.

Class 3 - 3 Jars of honey, each a different type, any combination.

Class 4 - 2 Jars of honey, light.

Class 5 - 2 Jars of honey medium

Class 6 - 2 Jars of honey


Class 7 - 2 Jars of ling heather honey

Class 8 - 2 Jars of chunk honey

Class 9 - 2 Jars of naturally granulated honey

Class 10 - 2 Jars of soft set honey

Class 11 - 1 Jar of honey for tasting

Class 12 - Novice, 1 jar of honey, any type or colour

Class 13 Novice, 1 Section of honey

Class 15 Novice, 1 Jar of honey for tasting

Class 16 - 2 Sections of honey

Class 17 - 2 Containers of cut comb

Class 18 - 1 Frame of honey for extraction

Class 19 - 1 Frame of ling honey

Class 20 - 1 Plain cake of beeswax

Class 21 - 6 Plain beeswax blocks

Class 22 - 3 Plain beeswax candles, made by moulding

Class 23 - 3 Decorative beeswax candles, patterned, made by moulding

Class 24 - A Creative display

Class 25 - 1 honey fruit cake

Class 26 - 1 Honey cake, decorated in a bee theme

Class 27 - 6 Small biscuits or cookies

Class 28 - 6 Small piece of toffee, caramel, fudge, chocolates or sweets

Class 29 - 1 Jar of Honey Marmalade

Class 30 - 1 Bottle of Dry Mead

Class 31 - 1 Bottle of Sweet Mead

Class 32 - 1 Bottle of Melomel

Class 33 - 1 Bottle of Metheglin

Class 34 - Photography

Class 35 - Artistry

Class 36 - A Vase of cut flowers

Class 37 - A Practical, original invention

Class 38 Poster Competition for Children

Best Show Exhibit


Most Show points

Des Devine

Best Honey Fruit Cake

Kathleen Devine

Best Beeswax Exhibit

Mark Wallace


Directions to the Honey Show

By Car

Address:  CPI Centre, Knockrawer, Castlefinn, Co. Donegal F93 T254

Free parking available on site

By Bus

Details of bus timetables can be found at https://www.transportforireland.ie/